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Routine Inspections


ACTION SYSTEM at Fumiga not only do we use the most appropriate technology for the control and prevention of pests but we also respect the ecological relationship of the environment using specific products for urban pests and insects under the care of humans and domestic animals

Pest control


 SUPPORT we have fully identified the study and control of insects and small vertebrates, that is, in Fumiga we developed a system that allows us to combine the knowledge of knowledge and what to do. 

Pest Spraying


OBJECTIVES to achieve the total satisfaction of our clients through professionalism, quality, service and honesty in the control of harmful fauna, respecting health and the environment as a principle.





RELATION OF PESTS THAT ARE CONTROLLED OR EXTERMINED in general Fumiga controls or exterminates any type of pests, insects, minor mammals, rodents, reptiles, wood pests, always remembering our commitment to health and the environment.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, Gardens Fumigation