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Pest Control 
Covid-19 Sanitization

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Fumiga Service Plagas
Fumiga Service Plagas
Fumiga Service Plagas
Fumiga Service Plagas
Fumiga Service Plagas
Fumiga Service Plagas
Fumiga Service Plagas

Eliminate vermin and pests from your home, business or industry with environmentally friendly and biodegradable products

ULV mists

We have the Specialized Technique for Preventive, Corrective Services and Routine Inspections
Fumiga Service Plagas

Fumigations Service, was founded with the idea of ​​forming a company that provides Preventive and Corrective and Comprehensive Fumigation Services, serving hospitals, industries, hotels, shops and homes.

Thorough spraying for total pest control. Guaranteed. We control any type of pest: insects, flies, spiders, bedbugs, scorpions, fleas, cockroaches, ants, minor mammals, rodents, reptiles, wood pests (termites) and more with biodegradable, environmentally friendly and ecological products.

We sanitize with Thermonebulizer (by heat it is applied faster and the smoke penetrates better anywhere) and ULV Nebulisations (cold liquid insecticides creating micro particles based on pressure leaving residues so that it lasts longer without altering the product to fumigate).

Fumiga Service Servicios
Fumiga Service Plagas
  • Constantly trained technical experts empowered to solve root problems
    We have extensive experience
    Duly established company registered with the Treasury
    We have a Sanitary License
    Clean, safe, quality and guaranteed work
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