Industrial spraying


The main objective of the industry is to maximize profits or benefits, having pest problems is not desirable at all. Much less, where the brand or prestige of the company is also at stake, for example, in industries where food is handled. One solution to this is an industrial fumigation service.

What an industry is looking for is to optimize resources and in more than 70% of them it acts when there is already a problem, that is, in a corrective way, it must always be preventive, that is why we urge all industries to have a different culture and start to believe in anticipated actions.

The frequency with which industrial fumigation services must be carried out, are generally preventive and are done with a monthly program. Our technicians are constantly prepared and trained, and are regularly evaluated and measured.

We require to make a budget, schedule an appointment to know the areas or places and see what is the problem you have of pests that you have and based on that we make your quote.

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