Garden Spraying


The main reason for spraying patios, flower pots and gardens is that it allows us to plan the control of all those urban pests such as cockroaches, ants, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, crickets, rodents, etc. Having a garden in perfect condition is a fundamental operation for the correct development of plants, grasses and trees.

Early and controlled spraying of the garden will prevent the massive spread of pests and their harmful consequences.

The regular cleaning, pruning, prevention and maintenance of the garden, including fumigation, if necessary, are the keys to enjoying a pleasant, neat and healthy green space, which you and your family will benefit from.

We provide a fumigation service that adjusts to the needs of your garden, without losing the objective and quality of both the products used for work, as well as the assigned personnel.

It is recommended to spray your garden, depending on the location, if it is in an area next to hills or outside the metropolitan area, the ideal is every 30 days, if it is in an urban area within the metropolitan area, it can be at most every 3 months.

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