Fumigation In Hotels


Reducing pest risk proactively by applying a preventive program is a short and long term investment. Hotels, places with multiple entrances, food processing areas and rooms, rooms, multipurpose rooms, gardens, etc., are very attractive targets for many common pests. Additionally, customers may unconsciously bring in unwanted intruders from other establishments, increasing the threat.

The bed bug, is the main enemy of hoteliers, regardless of the standards of cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel, it is practically impossible to prevent this parasite from gaining access to the facilities, usually they are on the mattress, the bed, or around it , but they can also be hidden in many different places in the room, such as skirting boards (horizontal band of wood, tiles, fabric, wallpaper, etc., with which the bottom of a wall is decorated or protected), suitcases and Furniture such as where there is bedding stored, its presence certainly causes disgust and outrage among guests.

A truly preventive pest control program requires expert knowledge and we have the solution in an integral way, it will always have qualified technicians who will assist you from the first visit, carrying out pest control and subsequent monitoring. Contact us you will not regret all the benefits of spraying pests with us.

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Diagnosis and Fumigation Method

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